Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Partition and set up your HTC Phone properly with Application stored on SD

Sorry there is no video for this but I don't have screen capture technology for my phone yet.

Step 1: Get ready because you are going to do a factory reset.

Step 2: Backup your SD card because we are going to wipe it.

Step3: On your phone download a free program called Rom Manager by ClockworkMod

Step 4: Open Rom Manager and run Partition SD Card
It will ask you to chose your size for cache and program partition.
Choose the largest available for both
This will destroy all data on your SD so it better be backed up.

Step 5: Go to settings/SD & Phone storage
Hit Factory Data Reset.

Step 6: Wait… for phone to finish reset

Step 7: On the phone go to Market and download a program called " Move2SD Enabler" by Roberto Leinardi
Alternatively you can do this manually by watching my video.

Steop 8: Open Move2SD Enabler and enable External as default application partition.

Now you can go ahead and install whatever programs you want.

If you want to free up more space you can download another great program called "System App Remover" for a dollar and use it delete useless system apps like Facebook, twitter...